Stop Waiting
For Permission

A bold and inspiring invitation to dream, plan, and ultimately overcome the obstacles blocking you from your greatest purpose in life—whatever it is!

We each have a specific, life-giving purpose in this world. Sadly, many people never discover the unique genius that has been embedded within them by the Creator of the universe. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

Stop Waiting for Permission offers a four-step process to unlocking your unique calling and activating your innate, God-given strengths. This book will help you…

Stop Waiting For Permission is a biblical boost of encouragement filled with original insights to help those seeking to scale the heights of their calling, map out the territory of their purpose, and discover their unique and personal area of genius. Purchase your copy today!

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When you read this book, you’ll take that step into your purpose that you know you should take.

Stop Waiting For Permission will help you find the greatness within you. This book needs to be not in your library, but on your lap.



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Stop Waiting
For Permission